The Studio 

In 1987 Allan created Expressive Design, Inc., an art based company featuring specialized art projects for residential and commercial clients globally. The completion of his studio in 2001 has led Allan further into his beloved art work and abstract painting. The unique and  beautiful residential studio, filled with art and ambiance, is located in the historic and 'funky' First Ward area of Houston at 1402 Dart Street with a fantastic view of downtown from every level. The infamous art palette shaped pool, designed by the artist himself, is the talk-of-the-town!  

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Residential Studio | Second Level is also filled with Allan's incredible art, along with his downtown 'loft style' architecture, ambiance and gorgeous view of Houston's skyline. The upstairs living area features a hardwood floor recycled from the church gym where he plays basketball...Ask him to tell the story of how he came into ownership of the original gym hardwoods.