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Specializes in painting dynamic, expressive fine arts on multi-mediums. Including, but not limited to: Acrylic / Plexiglass / Aluminum / Canvas / Lightbox / Graphite

Houston artist, Allan Rodewald, creates fine arts, contemporary and abstract art works on canvas, glass, metal and more.  Dynamic and expressive art prominently featured in national as well as international collections and galleries.

"Cultivating refined talent in any artistic medium

requires discipline, dexterity, and vision."

~ Allan Rodewald

Allan Rodewald exhibits this level of sophistication in his artwork, along with an impetus to search for new discoveries. His oeuvre represents a diverse collection of artistic achievements. Rodewald’s continual diligence in pushing his talents to new heights assures his ongoing creation of exciting works.

Allan Rodewald pursues abstract art to escape the limits of the real world through his self expression and exploration. As a youth, Allan studied in rural southeast Michigan where he began private art lessons at the age of seven. Allan earned his BFA in drawing and painting at Siena Heights University and has studied art in Florence, Rome, and Venice Italy. In 1987 Allan created Expressive Design Inc., an art based company featuring specialized art projects for residential and commercial clients globally. The completion of his studio in 2001 has led Allan further into his beloved art work and abstract painting. Allan’s art works are featured in collections nationally as well as internationally. 


In addition to his incredible talent as an Abstract Artist, Allan offers his skills in the area of Art Consulting, both in the commercial and residential sectors, all while satisfying the increased demand for art, murals and commercial graphics for individuals and businesses such as the Aquarium, in downtown Houston, and a spectacular 7 ft. by 70 ft mural in Houston’s historic City Hall.

‘Creating art evokes passion and a drive for excellence. I strive to make thought provoking work that offers a unique visual experience. This occurs when refined craftsmanship presents and elevates commonplace subject matter, transforming it into a new perspective. When I approach the creative process, I explore different avenues and techniques to enable both my calculating and intuitive faculties. This discovery process keeps me engaged with the work. Surprises unfold, and with them, new truths.'   ~  Allan Rodewald

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